Best Infertility and IVF Treatment in NYC

Coping with infertility can be extremely difficult for couples. To make matters worse, many doctors recommend jumping right to the invasive and often unnecessary IVF treatments, which are extremely expensive and can take a long time to be effective. If you want to try a much more natural infertility treatment, you’ll want to see Dr. Trigiani right away. He has been helping women with infertility issues right here in New York for many years.

Rather than jumping right to prescription medications and morally questionable techniques, Dr. Trigiani works with your body to help you to conceive a child. Using a technique that is commonly referred to as “IBF” or In Bed Fertilization, you will have an improved chance at having the child you’ve always wanted.

Types of Infertility or IVF Treatments in Central Park

Dr. Trigiani is an expert in acupuncture and other natural treatments that can help to find the root cause of your infertility, and treat it directly. This has been proven to be an extremely effective infertility treatment option. Many other infertility doctors in the area don’t choose this option because it requires more investigation and work to find the actual issues that are making it difficult to conceive.

Instead, they jump right to the most expensive solution, which is often IVF. The following IBF treatments will be used to help you to have a baby:

  • Charting Cycles – Using the latest scientific data, combined with thousands of years of knowledge, charting your monthly cycle properly can help you to conceive. This isn’t just a form of the ‘rhythm method,’ it is an effective way to help harness the power of your own body.
  • Acupuncture – Dr. Trigiani will use acupuncture to help trigger your body’s natural healing functions. Depending on where the problems exist, he can often solve them with this technique.
  • Stress Reduction – People are often surprised to hear that stress can make it difficult to have a child. The doctor can help to reduce stress levels naturally to improve your chances of becoming pregnant.
  • Holistic Approach – By combining these and other techniques, Dr. Trigiani will be taking a holistic approach to your overall health as well as your infertility problems. In many cases, he is able to help couples conceive a child naturally through these IBF treatment options right here in NYC.

Contact Us for Infertility & IVF Treatments on the Upper West Side

Whether you have been treated for infertility in New York in the past, or you are just starting to look into why you haven’t gotten pregnant, please contact us to set up an appointment with Dr. Trigiani. He will be happy to help you through this difficult and often heartbreaking situation. While it is not possible to guarantee 100% success, this is an exceptional option for anyone looking for a natural solution to their infertility issues.

You can make your appointment by calling 212-769-6443. When it is time to come in, you will find our offices located conveniently at 201 West 74th Street Suite 16G, New York, New York 10023. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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