What Doctors Don’t Tell You Magazine featuring Dr. Phil

In addition to all the other conditions he addresses with scalp acupuncture, Trigiani has about an 85 percent success rate with women coming in for fertility treatments. “There are very powerful points along the cerebral cortex for fertility and for the stomach,” he says, “that strengthen the uterus and other reproductive organs, as well as the kidneys.” One recent patient, Christy, 42, had been unable to get pregnant and was told she never would—even though her reproductive organs were in good shape, and she was healthy. She went to see Dr Phil for pain issues, going for sessions two to three times a week. In addition to resolving her pain, she soon discovered that she was pregnant. Says Christy: “It’s definitely given me a broader perspective of what’s possible.”


Dr. Philip Trigiani Featured In Time Out NY Magazine

While cardio and weight training are great forms of exercise, these methods can be very hard your bod. That’s where master acupuncturist Dr. Philip Trigiani comes in. Aside from alleviating pain from your overworked muscles, acupuncture is great to reduce stress and create life-changing events. Just remind yourself to recite those aforementioned wellness perks in your head while the doctor gently places the hairlike (and painless) probes into your skin.


Dr. Phil Trigiani Discusses Holistic vs Western Medicine + Relieving Stress With Acupuncture

Medicinal Herbs: The Healing Properties of Your Spice Rack

Holistic doctors have long been using them in conjunction with other alternative therapies to improve health outcomes.

“My philosophy on herbs is that they create and sustain powerful therapeutic vibrational effects on not only the systems in the body, but in the meridians and the energetic pathways as well,” said Dr. Phil Trigiani, Doctor of Acupuncture and holistic health expert. “Much in the same way that acupuncture, bodywork and exercise do.”

But turning to herbs for their medicinal properties is becoming more and more mainstream, gaining momentum among trend-seekers and thought leaders in the health space as holistic practices gain traction.

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Big Ang & Her Family Relax With Help From Dr. Phil

As family, friends and fans watched the premiere episode and enjoyed free massages by Dr. Philip Trigiani at her former Staten Island Bar The Drunken Monkey, which is now called The Funky Monkey, Raiola revealed what fans could expect from her storyline on the final season.

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Dr. Phil At Big Ang’s Viewing Party

Event sponsor Dr. Philip Trigiani even had to stop and give a massage to the night’s main event organizer! Not to mention the work he’s doing with Big Ang … reportedly aiding her though her health & medical journey through his work as an Acupuncturist & Holistic Healer on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

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Acupuncture For Cold Relief: Dr. Phil featured on Yoga Digest

Contrary to what most people believe, acupuncture is not just needles going into the skin to achieve some kind of esoteric effect.  No, it is much more than that.

Acupuncture is truly an art and a philosophy. A system that helps to achieve an awareness and wellness strategy, so that the recipient becomes proactive not only in their healthcare choices, but even their thoughts and actions!

However, by inserting tiny, painless hair-like needles along pathways, or “meridians,” into strategic points, an extremely beneficial effect on the body/mind continuum begins to happen. This usually results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain response, and increased immune function. In simple, acupuncture cues the C.N.S (brain and spinal cord) to begin a powerful interior correction and balance. The needles address any interference, as the body tends towards wellness in the first place.

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Dr. Phil Trigiani Speaks on Holistic Living, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy on “Sway In The Morning”

Taking health very seriously at Sway in the Morning, we like to bring in an expert each week from a different medical field.

This week we were blessed to have <strong>Dr. Phil Trigiani</strong> on the show to discuss holistic living and different ways to deal with pain.  From acupuncture to massage therapy to non-chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Trigiani is top notch in his field.

Check out the interview below and see how you can incorporate holistic medicine into your life!


Dr. Phil is Interviewed on eHealth Radio to Discuss Acupuncture!

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Philip Trigiani discuss the following:

  • What is acupuncture? Tell us about how you started your career in holistic health and how you came to start the work you currently do at your practice on the Upper West Side.
  • Let’s talk more about what to expect from acupuncture if you’re a first timer. What does the average visit to your clinic consist of?
  • Now let’s move on to short term and long term benefits. Acupuncture is known to provide relief with several ailments, everything from weight loss problems to depression. What are some of the most common positive changes in health you’ve noticed in your patients as the result of trying this practice? And where does acupuncture come in handy where Western medicine falls short?
  • With regard to your specialties, you are known for the Trifecta- a combination of acupuncture, massage therapy, and non-chiropractic adjustment? What makes this approach so powerful and could you tell us more about it?
  • I understand “congratulations” are in order, on your recent award win of New York’s Best Acupuncture Doctor in this year’s OpenCare rankings! You’ve been receiving rave reviews on everything from Yelp to RateMDs. In a city where people have so many options to choose from, what sets your practice apart?

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Dr. Phil speaks about Acupuncture & Common Cold Treatment on RadioMD!

When it comes to the common cold, you may be better off heading over to an acupuncture practitioner than chugging that bottle of Nyquil for short-lived relief.

Acupuncture is commonly known for alleviating physical pain, but is also becoming immensely popular among men and women suffering from weakened immune systems and chronic colds.

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The Other Dr. Phil Uses Acupuncture To Transform Lives

Dr Phil acupuncture


There’s another Dr. Phil who is a bit of a celebrity these days and he is also helping people, but instead of using TV interventions, he uses holistic medicine.

Dr. Philip Trigiani is an acupuncturist on the Upper West Side who has been getting rave reviews about how he identifies clients’ pain and shows people how to work pain relief methods into their daily lives.

“It’s not me. It’s you that has the healing capability. It’s you, the patient that needs to be empowered. So the less I intervene as the therapist, the greater experience, the happier they are,” Dr. Trigiani explained.

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